by Bittersweet Sundown   Nov 9, 2009

I've been holding on for so long,
Holding onto a dream.
Telling myself you're still here, you're not gone,
But things aren't always what they seem.

I was so blind but now I see,
You don't love me like you once did.
Maybe we just aren't meant to be,
So I'm putting a goodbye kiss in a jar with an open lid.

I hope you miss me when I'm gone,
Think about me when you're alone.
If you want, I won't be gone long,
But I'll hide feelings that were once known.

I want you to know how much you hurt me,
And that I don't trust what you say.
I also want you to know, that the girl I used to be,
Is no longer here to stay.

You changed who I once was,
Because of your little game.
Now I am no longer blind because,
You and I can play it the same.

You are standing where I once stood,
Feeling a loss of hope.
You are feeling what I no longer could,
Trying to find a way to cope.

Now you understand why they say,
"What goes around, comes around".
You wish you acted a different way,
Because I did to you what you did to me,

And left without a sound...

*last part doesn't really go well but I was half asleep when I wrote this. Let me know what you think*


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