Little Girls In Red (Done!)

by Cooper   Nov 21, 2006

From a tower of despair,
that scars the sky
and breaks the raven's flight,
Breathing in lightning,
of sinister storms so frightening,
I cast a gleam,
upon Her night-wraith soul,
As She stepped on stones across the icy stream.

Mistress fairies circled Her crown,
a circlet of black, crimson and gold.
So the witch foretold,
with fairy tales of hungry wolves
and little girls dressed in red,
That with a broken needle,
and poison remedy thread,
She would join the damned and the dead.

Her purse was brimmed with straw,
bright red cloak pulled tight,
Hiding a face of young awe,
entombed in the grin of a girly sprite
I watched Her with esurient eyes,
though the oaks told me nay,
my hunger loathed their words,
And I slipped like whispers behind my prey.

Merrily she skipped,
on tunes of little harmonic fairies,
picking rotten apples and berries.
The ground was strewn with leaves,
shattered and ashen from fevers
and stolen from moon-singing thieves.
Crimson cloaks, stained with mud,
Though unseen from original stains,
Hung on the trees with dead virgin blood.

We spoke in words of wicked tongue,
Her voice brilliant and young
while mine was bold and rasp,
shredded with tears and the poison
dripping from girly demon grasp.
She was off to other visits,
But I whisked Her to my place with charms and wits.

Oh the joy, the mockery,
when She thought she'd find pleasure.
Instead she found death,
and the horde of my treasure.
I feasted on the naughty,
though not with my maw.
I held her bones in my hands,
And blood in my jaw.
My satisfaction laid knowing that She was dead,
but still I hungered,
For more lost little girls in red.

***It got a little dirty with the language, I think. I didn't intend so much of it. But, oh still turned out pretty good, don't you think? I'm so glad I finally finished it. Hope you enjoy, despite naughty words.***


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  • *claps* er...I mean *applauds* lol...hmm...this isn't a presonal favorite of mine so far but I like it. Very nice and your description in all your poems is phenomenal! I always get a picture in my mind and I call that good poetry!
    Once again,


  • 17 years ago


    EVEN BETTER! *claps enthusiastically* Sa, you're SO GOOD! *goes back and re-reads poem*

  • 17 years ago


    It's fantastic already, but I'll keep waiting for the rest. 5 from me though, just cause it's so great already!

  • 17 years ago

    by Jane Lowe

    B-E-A-UTIFUL! poem! i LOVe IT!