Was I So Wrong?

by KelseyinWonderland   Nov 30, 2006

Was I so wrong to love?
Was I so wrong to hate?
Was I so wrong to forget?
Was I so wrong to be so late?

Was it my worst mistake?
Was it my only chance?
Was it my death wish?
Was it the last dance?

Was my life at stake?
Was my dream a myth?
Was my moral of life wrong?
Was my love for you just this?

What will I do?
What will I say?
What will happen?
What will help me live through another day?

When will I move on?
When will I forgive?
When will I release this burden?
When will I learn to live?

©Copyright 11/30/2006


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Latest Comments

  • 17 years ago

    by KelseyinWonderland

    Thank you very much. Writing is my life so I don't think I'll be quitting any time soon. And the fact that I'm 14 helps people understand and realize that if you're a teenager you have nothing to say. Because I do have alot to say. So thanks for your comment and good luck to you too!


  • 17 years ago

    by Cindy

    Kelsey you have alot to say for being so young. keep writing you have a gift to share with others. I have just started to share my writtings and I am 46yrs old. I have found this to help to heal all my pain. good luck! Cindy