Forever Numb

by KelseyinWonderland   Jul 23, 2007

If I understood everything,
There would be nothing left to learn.
If I ruined anticipation,
For what would I yearn?

If all love was fake,
What would be real?
If I'm constantly empty,
How much will I feel?

If the moon never rose,
Then the sun wouldn't set.
If I could hold onto love,
Then I'd never forget.

If I could be fearless forever,
I wouldn't be so afraid.
If this life was a game,
We all would be played.

If old was new,
Where would it end?
If every death was a heartache,
Would I lose my best friend?

If broken hearts,
Were only a myth.
I'd be forever numb,
In a place like this.


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  • 16 years ago

    by april

    This is a really good poem...i envy your writing skills ^_^