Love Forever and Always

by mj   Mar 23, 2004

When I first met you I never thought I'd feel that way,
and even now I could dream about you for hours.
I thought you'd be there one day and gone the next,
but instead we spent almost every night together.
I don't really think I realized it then,
that I had fallen for you head over heels.
I thought you'd be another boyfriend lost and forgotten,
but instead you became the boyfriend no one else could live up to.
I wonder now where we could be if we didn't let each other slip away,
it's been more then two years but our memories feel like yesterday.
Everyday I wonder if you think about me, because not one day passes I don't think of you.
Sometimes I blame myself for taking you for granted, and not trusting you to be faithful.
Now every boyfriend I have and the memories I share with them,
only make me wish I were with you now.
If I had only known what I know now,
I would have never let myself lose you.
As unexpected as the night I met you was,
I would give anything for it back so I could make this right.
Even if I'm too late now and you've moved on,
at least you know how special you really are to me.

Love forever and always, mj


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