by Cherish   Dec 17, 2006

When will I find it?
I hear so much about it...
The feelings you get when you kiss,
When you hold hands,
When you just simply see each other smile.
When will I get to fall in love?

A wise person said, "Don't look for love,
Love will come to you someday."
Well, I believe my day is here,
But I'm not in love.

I know in time
I will fall in love.
It's just like the wise person said...
It takes time... don't rush anything.
It will come to you one day.
You'll just have to wait.

Wait until that one person comes along
Who makes you feel all gushy inside when you see him,
Who makes you feel like the Queen of England when you are down,
Who makes everything right when everything seems so wrong.

I know I'll fall in love.
I just have to wait until it's my turn.
Well, I'm waiting,
And I hope i will get my turn.
But until then I'll have to wait,
And wait...

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