Whats the point

by Cherish   Dec 15, 2006

Too big, too little, or
Too narrow, too wide.
Is there no place for me?
No place to hide?

Why do eyes hit me
like a semi hits a deer?
Am I just a rabbit
Frozen here in fear?

Is there a point to life?
Is there even a point to this stupid poem?
This life is so...
deranged, strange, and out of place.

Sometimes I freak at my mirror
holding the face of...
cuts and gashes
pain and slashes
things of the unbearable
holding of the unsharable
secrets that bind this life in...

Horror and sadness
insanity, madness
hurt and suffer
no time to buffer the
edges of the
box that never closes

and when it does...
it will never open again.


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