Holocaust poem

by Cherish   Feb 26, 2007

Many horrible things happened when the war started.
Even these things could not come close to the true horror of the war.
Many suffered during the war of diseases.
They considered the Nazis a disease that
That had but one cure
This disease struck many Jews.
It was not discriminate against men, women, or children.
They were forced to leave there homes,
Abandon there dreams, there hopes, and there future.
Never to return to the life they took for granted,
Not just death by strangers,
But after deaths of loved ones,
They remember this time greatly
Because they have never been so scared.
The smoke of burning bodies,
Of people they knew, and didn't know,
Was so thick that you never saw the sun.
After being freed,
They wanted to hide from the world of death,
But no matter where they went, or what they did
They will never be able to forget the scars, the tears the pain

~its not verry good it was a school asignment but what ever~


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