Trying to fit in

by Cherish   Dec 15, 2006

I want to be myself but I find it hard to do. Not sure if fitting in is the question but what else can I do?
A kid knowing nothing I stand as other people walk around with a certain name or brand.
And in a situation like this, I know I should be care free, but somehow I cant control the urge of wondering what people think of me.
Will I be a loser or some how become a prep. Will any of this ruin my life or even my rep?
Some people may think my world is simple or some may see it like I do , a never ending battle.
I keep going on about this but I just want to make friends and have one thats that will stand by me,Not be embarrassed to be there and keep me the opposite of blue.
The thoughts of being scared race through my mind. Will people make fun of me to my face or from behind?

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