Family,..and Friends

by DeadGirl AKA Becka   Feb 14, 2007

Tormented by friends,
tortured by family,
What can be worse,
loosing my sanity!?

They drag me on,
through and through,
they bug the hell out of me!
What should I do!!

From Clothing to groups,
to dresses with frills.
I'm sick of the choices,
they want me to fill.

One by one,
they come to me.
they want me to help them,
but, thats not what bothers me you see.

They expect so much,
for me to give.
they want me to lie,
they don't want me to live.

They have their moments,
each and every day.
but, some times I can't take it!
sometimes their a pain!!

Some don't trust me,
with the littlest things,
such as my friends.
what torment they bring...

I want them to trust me,
but never will,
I have tried to ask them please,
I promise I won't spill!

If they can't trust me,
it's hard to forgive.
I just want a friendship,
that makes me "want" to live!

But, I am good
with having to live in the dark.
When they want to tell me,
they just have to light that spark.

Enough bout my friends,
now on with my family.
they don't trust me neither,
they even want to disown me.

They nage, and nage
on and on...
sometimes I just wanna
leave for so long...

They make me embarrassed
thats what they do best,
but, in a way...
I think my families better than the rest...

We also have fights,
which end in a brawl,
but, sometimes it's fun
sometimes it's a ball!

They will yell,
and rant at me,
they treat me the worst,
out of the children of three...

is it because,
I'm second to last?
is it because my sister,
Aces her class?

My brother oh boy!
a spoiled little brat!
he makes me the maddest!
he makes me the most upset!!

He scratches and bites,
and leaves me big scars...
sometimes I want to leave,
to go someplace far...

But, thats just life,
no ones the best...
My friends and my me...
are the very best.

**(this is true, but to my friends who do read this...sorry if you got mad while reading it...but, you guys I know! do not trust me at all!, I just want you too...)**


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