My Hero*

by DeadGirl AKA Becka   Feb 19, 2007

My hero in my life,
I bet you think my mom...
but no you see,
you are very wrong!

The person that I,
admire the most,
is someone very dear to me.
I hold her very close...

sure I might not see her,
for quite some time...
but when I need her the most,
She is there, she is mine...

She gives me the advice,
that I really need...
Without all the scorning,
That isn't needed to be.

She is like to me,
a second doctor Phil.
Only a woman tho~
She does what she very well will...

I cry on her lap~
and hold her close,
She helps me up,
I go to her the most.

No one else,
I will talk too.
It only can be her,
because you can tell whats bugging you.

I bet by now,
you wonder who?
who is my hero,
Who's that precious to you?

Well, fine~
I tell you and then see,
what you had thought,
compared to me.

My hero,
I care for in my life,
is my dearest grandmother,
thats helped me through my srtife.

Now you know,..
and I hope you now see,
How much my grandma Karen...
really means to me.


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