God Bless the Dead

by DMG   Mar 27, 2007

I wanna go back to the days when Eden
Rested upon this earth without greed and
Hate was just a theory not an action.
Man I dream that we could go back when
Peace was all that man knew or could do.
That's when life was blissfull and worth to
Live through. Man, God bless his soul,
Would chill and just let his life unfold,
But now he lives in a different time though.
Clocks tick on but do they ever sync? No.
Everything's now as fast as can be -
Done with one thing get to the next. See,
People die and more are born
And new generations begin to form
With morals and ideas different than classics
And complexity overwhelms the basics.
We just push the pedal to the floor
Till the day we drop. So what do we live for?
I wanna go back to before I'd question this
Before we viewed every task as "hit or miss."
I wish I lived before - well it's best said
Like this, "God Bless the Dead."


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