Everything Died

by KelseyinWonderland   May 20, 2007

The broken souls, they're waiting there.
Calling his name into the air.
They call him once, they call him twice.
When morning comes he'll pay the price.
The morning fog outlines the blanket of snow.
They've seen things you should never know.
The heart's only sorrow, a wilting rose.
The eternal darkness where the wind always blows.
And the lightning is flashing, guiding his way.
To the thunder in his heart, beating since yesterday.
The hollow tree that fell over her grave.
Her life was the one he had forgotten to save.
It looms above his dreams in nightmarish nights.
Her face, the simple sillohette of an internal fight.
Beautiful, enchanting, filled with grace and poise.
But admistall the peace there's this deadening noise.
Her heart is still beating although she is dead.
He tells his self it's an illusion all in his head.
Just his fantasy world where the dead will rise.
And at the end of his story the good guy dies.
Along with his love and sll that he could claim.
His grave, right beside hers, it still looks the same.
The loudest heart beating the flowers to bloom.
The blue one's are dying, they're locked in the room.
No sunlight to spare, no life left inside.
This was to be the night Everything Died.


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