My Only Friend

by 111308   May 23, 2007

It's beautiful
Can't you see?
It can fullfill
Your life's every dream
It's unique
In everyway
But no matter what
It rots you away
Razor sharp edges
Pointy to the touch
I use this tool
Wayy too much
A slit
A cut
It's almost insane
How this makes me feel better
And how the urge rushes through my veins
It kills me
With everything I have
I hate being so weak
It's making me mad
I'm going to lose myself
To this thing
I'm going to lose too much
It's going to kill me
But it helps
When I get stressed
It makes me feel better
When my life's a mess
Loving him is what's driving me insane
I'm sorry if I can't stand the hurt
I'm sorry if I can't stand the pain
I'm only one person
Can't you see?
He meant everything to me..
Then he left me just the other day..
And that's why I use this knife
And it helps conceal the pain
A cut too deep
Could end my life
But I'm willing to take the risk
It's just a knife
Blood stains
Are left to show
All the pain
I'm going through
So alone
So lost
This knife is my only friend
It helps me at all costs
It's been there
Through thick and thin
And no matter what happens
Or what people say
It'll be my only real friend
Until the end..


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