As Long As You're Happy

by BrixGoesxRawr   May 28, 2007

To know that you're happy, is all that I need
knowing that you finally have a smile on your face
well, that's enough for me
even if I wasn't the one who made it appear

baby, nothing will ever change the fact
that you were my first true love
I'll always remember our laughs
and our stupid inside jokes

I do admit that I miss your voice
but I wasn't good enough for you
I never treated you how i should of
but I was in love with you

I know I've done you wrong in the past
I've lied and cheated, broke your heart
I want to make it up to you somehow
I want to make everything right between us

I'm glad you've found someone new
someone who can bring that beautiful smile out
make you laugh so hard you fall out of your seat
who makes you be the real you again

I'm sorry that I couldn't be that person
I'm sorry that we wasted 2 years
I'm sorry for all that I've done to you
I'm sorry for still loving you

but just knowing that you're happy now
brings a smile to my face
yeah, it hurts a lot to know
but as long as you're happy...I'm okay


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  • 16 years ago

    by Jessica

    Awhhh. I loved this one best hunny. This was just so heartfelt and amazing. And I can really relate, I've felt like this as well. This one was really interesting and kept my attention the whole way through. The emotion shone througgh your words and the whole effect was beautiful. 5/5