Kodak Moments- Memories In Black and White

by hippiehxc   Jun 20, 2007

Everyone wonders why people dwell on black and white photographs. The reason is, when someone looks at a black and white picture they don't concentrate on makeup, skin tone, or eye color. But they see what color cannot bring out.

You can somehow see the hurt in one's eyes.

It's like you're reading their soul..

Her facade is down for once. He's shattered it completely. Her perfect emo pathetic life just went straight down the drain. How could he destroy her in such a way? What a pity. Now people can see what she's really become.

A perfect angel in disguise. Mascara tears running down her porcelain face. Blood red lips cry for mercy as people rip at her fake existence.

Exposure; pure and simple.

Emerald eyes now fade to a dim shade of grey. Perfectly white, glimmering skin, now reduced to the bland look of paper, yet those blood red lips still cry for mercy, only in a harsh shade of black.

But now there's something more.

Those dim grey eyes produce a story that entails heartbreak, uncountable times. They go into the horrid, yet fascinating details of the crimes that have been committed against her now frail figure. Pain and tragedy are the silver lining of her every curve.

All this is captured in a Kodak Moment.

Painful memories in black and white.


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  • 15 years ago

    by xo kisses xo

    Omg! i love it. this really caught me. i love the begining ohow u explain why ppl love black and white. its so true....but i never realised it. 5/5

    xo kisses xo

  • 15 years ago

    by JRS

    Very dramatic...

  • 15 years ago

    by xoxShorteexox

    Flawlessly Perfect, Grace.
    Adding this to my favorites.
    Perfect flow, perfect wording.
    What more could you ask for?