About JRS

San Diego native...I love it here!!
My life is a rollarcoaster so I use my everyday experiences to inspire my works of poetry.

I'm a single mom of 2 adorable kids. Angie is 5 and Jake is 3.

I'm divorced and have been for a few years now. Thank god for divorce... don't be fooled it can be a blessing..

I am currently in love with a guy that I'm not sure I should be in love with. I guess life never goes the way you plan.

I'm a Myspace junkie... I can't help it..

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Latest Poems By JRS

  • You're more important to you than I'll ever be
    I lied and lied to myself but now I see...

  • On the back of an angel with broken wings
    Eyes shut to the faces of so many things...

  • Another one gone
    Say goodbye walk away...

  • My hate inside I cannot hide
    Born from all the times you lied...

  • Illustrious stare from across the table
    Capivated by time, willing and able...

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