I'm Sorry I Didn't Say It

by KelseyinWonderland   Jun 21, 2007

The lights are amusing,
The streets are abusing.
And time won't fade away.

And when I try to move on,
You won't leave me alone.
Right now I have nothing left to say.

Listen intently,
Please don't resent me.
Because I really wish that I could move on.

But if I'm too scared to stand,
No one will be there to take my hand.
Because by now, you're already gone.

All I think of are the things I didn't do,
I never tried to fall in love with you.
And yet I'm in knee deep.

You hurt me more than I could take,
I literally felt my heart break.
And all this deprives me of sleep.

And this feeling I dread,
But I'm already dead.
So nothing could possibly make this worse.

I'll shut my eyes tight,
And when I wake up tonight.
I'll find myself in the back of this hearse.

Cold as death,
And with your last breath.
You gave everything just to die for me.

And now it's too late,
To change your fate.
It took so long but I finally see.

These tears that I'm shedding,
It's proof I'm regretting.
Not loving you like I should.

And tomorrow might be hard,
But I've made it this far.
I'm not giving up like I normally would.

I know it's not fair,
But no one else cares.
Half as much as I do.

And now you are dead,
But there's something I should have said.
Forever, I'll always love you.


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