The Zoo On Calivary Square

by Twisted Heart   Jul 3, 2007

If you should go to the zoo on Callivary Square
You'll find an odd assortment of wild life living there
Not normal lions, fish, or elephants do you see
Nor camels, llamas, ponies, or a funny chimpanzee.
There isn't any polar bears, tigers, snakes, or emus
Turtles, seals, or porcupines that could stick you.
No otters, lizards, leopards, none of these will do
Because it is quite different than an ordinary zoo.

You may chance upon a path, looking to your right
A turtle lying on a rock his shell nowhere in sight.
He's left the home upon his back to bask beneath the sun
Not to return inside the shell until his tanning's done.
Further on the trail you walk and peer inside a cave
No darkness seen because with lights it illuminates
The many bats that hang about upon a wall of trees
They all are so afraid of what in the dark there'll be.

A zebra running in a field, at least at first is thought
No stripes upon his back is seen, there's purple polka dots
The fishes in the ponds are nice, but as you pass them by
They raise a hand , tip their hats, in chorus they say "Hi"
Maybe a camel on the left, but it too has an oddity
One hump... two humps, no, upon his back there's three.
The monkeys swinging in the trees are such a sight you get
But each is now equipped beneath it with a safety net.

There is a barn full of wonders you may want to see
So you walk inside each stall, such sights you can't believe
A pig looking so forlorn, to feed it... best not try it
Because the vet has posted signs that she is on a diet.
A white cow lazing in a stall with yellow stripes and tail
Produces chocolate milk, by the gallons, without fail.
A duck that waddles all around afraid to dip in water
Feathers preened and lovely, dyed in many colors

You leave the barn and walk along, then you take a glance
There's orange lions giving lessons, teaching goats to dance
Pink elephants are running wild along with silver mice
The goose that laid the golden eggs is now a donkey's wife.
Once more you find your way along and find the exit gate
Not realizing dusk has come and it is getting late.
So many things you've seen today, odd beyond compare
You are so sad to leave the zoo on Calivary Square.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by gbrivas

    For a children's poem, its mad good

  • 13 years ago

    by Amy

    I loved this poem so much and the whole time I read it I was imagining myself (when I'm older) reading it to my children in a children's books with bright pictures and everything. I think you should really think about publishing this as a children's book! It'd be a hit!!

  • 13 years ago

    by Mommy And Me

    Haha omg. it hurts to laugh :) good work i loved it. :) don't come across alot of funny poems that are actually funny. you are very talented :)

  • 13 years ago

    by David

    The array of animals and wording was fantastic. nice poem. loved it to the max!

    5/5 David

  • 13 years ago

    by Corruption

    Lmao this is a great poem i wish i would go to this zoo it sounds fun lol well good job you wrote this very well good job im glad i read it