You don't know me...

by Elynnka   Aug 9, 2007

The world cant understand the love that we share
The world cant understand the numbness i bare
How can I feel if I have no feelings at all?
How can I hurt when I stumble and fall?

The world is too blind to see what lies around
The world is too deaf to hear any sound
Then how can I ask you to behold this miracle?
Then how can I ask you be not so hysterical?

My love, open their eyes and make them see!
My love, smile with grace so they can be free!
Cast your angelic voice upon their jaded ears
And fold your wings to protected them from fears.

The ones still sick are the ones that rejected
All that you have offered them - they lie infected
And scream out in pain to feed my hunger
For malice and hatred as i go above and under.

I am not real, not from your reality at least,
I am not of your kind, I am more of a beast,
I control what you do, I dictated what you say,
If it weren't from me you wouldn't live through the day.

So many questions in your hectic mind
So many answers you'll never find
Lay yourself to sleep before I do
As confusion will rest eternally in you.


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  • 12 years ago

    by yoyi

    I love this poem is so cute