The road sixty-six

by Elynnka   Aug 9, 2007

Remember that street lamp with the broken light?
On road sixty-six where I waited last night?
Out in the cold and the pouring icy rain,
I waited for hours but you never came...

And the wind blew whispers and the sky was dark,
The raindrops made music along with my heart,
A black owl passed by me and waved hello
She was lonely as me with no place to go...

I ran away to where the street lights were dim
Where paint peels off walls and the outlook is grim
And screaming your name and searching each corner
Scared of these cries that sound like a mourner...

Headed home - mud on my shoes, tears on my face,
All I wanted was to get out of that place;
Slammed the door, threw my coat on the unmade bed
Leave me alone now and get out of my head...

Remember the nail marks rammed on the walls?
On road sixty-six where rain forever falls?
Out in the dark with blood marks on the street
Made by the spikes that went through my feet...

And you were screaming from within my inside
And claw your way out endlessly you tried
Leaving scars in my core that make me decay
With each breath I take and each word you say...

I ran away to another corner of my mind
Seeking for the safety I could never find
Going through fire and fighting reflections
Of myself running in chaotic directions...


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  • 12 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    Okay. i loved this. the imagery you portrayed in this was beautifully dark, while the flow was good throughout. i adored the ending, i found it to be a stunning and unique way to wrap the piece up.