The Once "Me And You"

by Ashley Van Eperen   Aug 18, 2007

Its so hard.
but you'll never know
I'm trying to breath
But i can't let go
My heart is all shattered
to bits on the floor
I'm wish you'd come back
and love me once more
my soul can't survive,
my heart cannot beat
the love that i have
for the one i can't keep
its locked up inside
eating me alive
away with my soul
with out you
I'd die
the feeling i get
the emptiness inside
i want to explain
with all the tears i have cried
i want to let go
i want to be free
my heart is locked up
my body still bleeds...
I'm ashamed to admit
my love is still true
and my heart is still clinging
to the once "me and you".


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