My Heart Belongs To You

by Ashley Van Eperen   Jan 17, 2007

So lately I've been thinking
Whats wrong with my life
I know I had lost you
But that means it wasn't right
So why can't i stop dreaming?
Of the way i felt with you
And why does my heart stop beating
When i dream of your kisses too
I close my eyes and there you are
Its like you were never gone
And I'm afraid to come back to life
But being with you is wrong.
I regret you never knowing
How I felt afterwords
Tho i was the one to leave u behind
My heart is always yours.
And I've never been so sure
Of Never letting go
Cause Whenever I think of u
I know my hearts still broke
And after a while
Time cannot exist
Cause the healing power that it has
Could never fix what has been broken
and make happy what is sad
And the dreams have long passed
that I gave up for you
And my life is a mess
And yet,
We're still through

The seasons come and past
Years have aged me so
And even in the tiniest parts
My heart belongs to you.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Jasmine

    OMGoah i loveee this one its awsome an duh your heart belings to meee