I made you leave

by Ashley Van Eperen   Jan 27, 2009

Some times at night,
When the stars shine bright
I close my eyes to sleep
And you are in my dreams

Some times when its quiet
and the world seems at peace
I can still hear you laughing
I can still hear you breathe.

Some times when I'm alone
And everything seems wrong
I just imagine you being there
Helping me along

Some times when I'm laughing
To hold back the tears
I think all of your jokes
That calmed my every fear

And some times when I'm crying
and i can't hold back the pain
I think of all you did for me
and the tears come down like rain

And some times in the sun light
when the days seem so sweet
I look to the brightness
and you're smiling at me

But some times in the storms
When the sky thunders down
When the world is afraid
Your memories can be found

Some times i hate my self
for pushing you away
But other times i dream of you
And all the things you would say

I remember from day 1
How I needed you the most
How my life would seem so incomplete
If you ever were to go

But I'm standing here today
with just a memory
one that keeps me up at night
One that helps me to breathe

I stand here alone,
No hand is holding mine
And I blame my self for losing you
For not even trying.

I tried not to a make a promise
I knew i couldn't keep
But i told you i was trying
and in the end
I made you leave


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