Instead You Love her

by Ashley Van Eperen   Jan 3, 2007

I remember a time
When i was your everything
When i was the girl
When i was your queen
I remember i loved you
I remember you cared
But now I'm sitting here
alone and scared
where are you
to hold me
to dry all of my tears
where are you to comfort me
and calm all of my fears?
where are you to love me
like you promised you would
where are you to hug me
when i know you should
every day i dream of you
i dream of what we had
i think about the imperfections
and everything that was bad
but even Through the rain
i was the only one to see
the rainbows that you gave me
and the flowers you would bring
i remember what it was like
to have the world in my hand
only because you put it there
and promised it would last
i know all things die
but this was built forever
so I'm sitting here like a fool
writing you a letter
i cant imagine you telling her
everything you told me
about how much you love her
how shes your "Everything."
This really isn't fair
Cause i admit the truth
even tho its hard
Cause I'm still in love with you
even tho its wrong.
i try to convince myself
that this isn't real
that I'll wake up in the morning
and I'll still be your girl
i try to tell my self
this isn't the end
that you'll come back to me
but i know its just pretend
and you'll never know
just how much that hurts
Cause you couldn't love me
but instead you love her.

sorry its not soo a depressed mood about someone who existed as my everything, almost year ago. it hurts. cause i still love him. this is kinda saying everything i wanna say to him...but i never will. so yeah. kinda personal, so i don't really care if you like it or not.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Jasmine

    What are you talking about love it is good all your poems are good ok i love you and thats all that mattersssss