by Katie   Sep 12, 2007

You are the sun on a summers day,
The gentle breeze through the trees,
You are the moon on a clear night,
Casting her glow over the seas,

You are the stars that brightly shine,
Set high in a velvet sky,
You are the dreams that fill my head,
And when I'm low, the tears that I cry.

You are all the colours of the rainbow,
That show their ray of hope,
You are the glistening summer rain,
That gives me the strength to cope.

You are the scent of a beautiful rose,
That brings my senses to life,
You are the sound of a birds love song,
That tell me I'm glad I'm your wife.

You are the sound of the sea on the shore,
Lapping against the sand,
You are my reason for living,
We will walk forever hand in hand.

You are the best part of me,
And I love you with all of my heart,
I carry you with me wherever I go,
My love, My world, never to part.

Paul, you are my world and I love you for always. Thank you for being you.
K xx


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  • 13 years ago

    by C Cattaway

    'I carry you with me wherever I go,'
    Aww, hunny, in your heart, and on your finger, your poem is dripping with love.. Beautiful.. Please tell me where I can get a man like that, coz you make yours sound so perfect.. xx