A bubble burst

by Katie   Sep 7, 2007

If she thought she couldn't hurt anymore,
She got it wrong again,
If she thought her worst fears would fade,
They only served more pain.

Those words she had heard so often,
Loud and clear in her dreams,
Have now become her nightmares,
Everything is worse than it seems.

So the Devil has arrived,
With a pen, ready for her to sign,
Her name, her heart, her soul, her dreams,
Along the dotted line.

No please or thank yous does he utter,
Just stares with eyes so red,
Her nightmare has only just begun,
She wishes she were dead.

Asleep for ever, no more to give,
No pain, no hurt, no tears,
Everything just got too much, you see,
She was murdered by her own fears.

And that bubble, once so joyful,
Burst on a thorn at last,
Nowhere else to go now,
Just wandering through the past.

Will he ever forgive her
For not staying strong?
How will he live without her?
What she did was so wrong.


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  • 13 years ago

    by C Cattaway

    Will he ever forgive her
    For not staying strong?
    How will he live without her?
    What she did was so wrong.

    Katie, he has nothing to forgive. When he met you, he met the woman he loves. Children CAN enhance a marriage, and that perception of a family, but it doesn't mean it WILL. He loves you for being you, not for your ability to, or not to conceive. On the other hand, the 3rd and 4th lines, I'm not sure how to read.. without her because you may wish to conceive anyway, with the risks as high as they are..? Or without her because he won't want to go on if you can't have children..? If you go against the doctors advice, then things may still be ok.. but is it worth that risk? Is it worth giving a life when you may not be able to raise the child yourself? He is not with you so that you can provide children. Yes, he wants children, as do you, but YOU are the person he chose to spend the rest of his life with. Beyond that, if this gives you the incentive, then take it, and use it, and make the changes. Then, you will be in a healthier position to conceive, and better still, to live a longer life with your man.. Even without a child, do you want to spend the next 15 years wondering, or do you want to make the changes now, and look back in 40 years, and know that you had the best life because you had a healthy life..?
    I love you, and I love the way you pour your heart onto the page, but Paul loves you more, and he loves you because you are his world. Hold onto that, and make the changes so that you can enjoy him, and your marriage. xx