Run Over.

by babblingxbrooke   Sep 13, 2007

Don't talk to me; I'm not in the mood,
to end up in a fight and having to argue.

I'm going to try something new and pretend that I don't care,
that I'm invisible to everyone; they act as though I'm not there.

you must not think I have feelings for the way you treat me like dirt,
and I guess you ignore the fact that everything you say makes my insides hurt.

go ahead and walk all over me, do you think I'm amused?
there may be a smile on my face but my feelings are becoming abused.

I'm so sensative; take everything to heart,
but you put the key in the ignition and put your foot on the gas to start.

you run over me and begin to back up,
I can't take this much longer, I've had enough.

I want all of you to look, REALLY look, and see,
that you are the ones slowly breaking me.


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  • 13 years ago

    by cory

    Great job this 1 just screamed out at me. good job.5/5 rock on!!

  • 13 years ago

    by Of Sweet Insanity

    WHOA is all I can really say about this...

    Im so sensative;take everything to heart
    But you put the key in the ignition and put your foot on the gas to start

    This was SO BEAUTIFUL and whoa again!

    However in the last line did you mean to put 'ones' or did you eman 'one'? I couldn't tell but I tihnk that 'one' would fit a little better! Great poem! 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by Kyle

    Wow nice with the rhyming! mood and argue!! that was awesome! good job brooke!!