by SiCK N TWiSTED   Oct 11, 2007

Being let down, is something that I'm used to
But something that I don't like...at all.
I don't like it, I refuse to accept it, and I refuse to let you bring me down.
What else is new?
Other than to depend on people for thier worthless life and lies,and their broken promises.
And what do you recieve in the end?
Jack Shiiit.
So yes, It's easy to be my friend
and yes it's easy to let me open up
and yes it's easy to walk all over me.
But no, it's NOT pretty to walk all over me.
because I somehow let you have your fun and then I just simply DESTROY you,
in a way, you regret knowing me so much, you somehow want to kill yourself.
So no, don't mess with me,
Because I will simply just shatter you
in a million pieces.
Just like, a broken heart.


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