by SiCK N TWiSTED   Oct 17, 2007

Realizing that I'm basically alone
in a world of selfish and evil people
A personality so nice and pure
Drenched in salty tears
How salt burns the wound
Salty tears burn my soul
Lonliness is something I can no longer
tolerate or accept.
Too many years of being alone
That I finally just cracked and began to linger
on for people's help.
Like a helpless cat
Nails dug in the furniture and afraid to let go.
You can't leave me alone
Because I can just crack and go crazy
More than I already am.
And have my bloody beating heart,
Bleeding against the hard tiled floor
And I will no longer be alive...
I'll become an empty soul with nothing left but air.
Air to breathe
And that is what I'm afraid of.
So help me and tolerate me.
Before I'm set free in a world of sorrow;
A world UKNOWN.


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