Undone heart.

by SiCK N TWiSTED   Oct 27, 2007

As is I'm not already going through enough
Your piercing wounds, afflicted with mine
As my heart and mind, confused and bleeding
for the poor soul you are.
As I'm wishing, evil wouldn't reside in my presence
And how the luck wasn't so rambunctious
How I wish someone can help me
from inside out, and not look at me in a different way.
Spiteful as it seems,
repeating the pattern
My heart crisscrossed in a checkered pattern
a pattern so vivid, so complicated, it makes
absolute no sense.
My mind empty but yet filled with empty blood rushing heart bleeding cold thoughts
that I wish, would slither away
into the world unknown, and leave me behind
and let me live, the life I'm supposed to live.
Staring from eyes, from a camera
Lays a girl, drowning, getting pulled down
into shallow waters, choking
rising with her hand and her mouth gaped open
for a scream for someone to come help
and save her out of this agony
out of this loneliness she once called home, a place in her mind that was a comfort zone, now becomes her enemy.
her words so shallow and wrong, but so sincere and kind.
confused as in what to do,
for all the kindness she gives out
and the love she shares,
she gets nothing in return, but evil
black coldness,
that pierces through her skin
straight to her heart
and has it bleed forever more.
as I wish I can break free from this mess
A girl, a little girl
so talented, so ambitious, so beautiful
waiting to break free, and be saved
And until that day finally comes.
She will reside, in the only place she can find herself alone
And write, let out her dark fears and tears
onto paper, and let it wither away
into hands of someone that can help,and care for her
as she once did for so many people before.
For she know's of nothing to do anymore.
She will try to save herself from this mess.
And demolish whoever brings her down,and drowns her again.
For you will see, a sunshine one day shining through her smile
and the clouds clearing up into a clear sky.
And her beautiful talented self, will shine through


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