by santino   Nov 1, 2007

happiness is so hard to time....
so hard to not mind....
and so hard to find....
you may build it so tall
bud then sadness destroys it all
but in the end life is watching it all
and god is watching our fault...
he watching our nots... and watching our life
so we must be in time and act right
so at our last fight for life,
we will go to the right place
and not go to rot in another place...
so lets be right and no judge our faith...
and not do wrong acts
just to latter asking for forgiveness
as our life isn't about doing wrong
and then at the time of our last hour
ask for forgiveness and be tall and have it all
so when you do something wrong....
don't be scared and do the right thing
be honest , have integrity and don't fall
in the claws of darkness....
just to have it all
money isn't nothing if you dont have health.....
and hapines
so be wealthy in wisdom and get your life right
so you could have a good sight of life..
and see what you will be for the rest of you life...


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  • 14 years ago

    by A Fallen Angel

    So this poem was decent. i would prolly give it a 4/5 mainly because i wasnt really able to comprehend some of the poem. but it was still well thought out. i got the basic meaning of the poem. lol. but maybe you should proofread your poems once more( if you already do) before you post them because i found some grammatical errors... i am terrible with those myself. i never proofread and find out that i spell a word all weird. haha.. but still it was a good poem.