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I write when i have the mood for writing and i do not write for n e one but myself.... i will always r/r/c on a poem of n e one who r/r/c comments me. so get plugging away folks!

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  • Age : 19
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Latest Poems By A Fallen Angel

  • Dear Tara...
    I know you won't read this but still I will write...

  • It was but a month ago when my mom told him she...
    She wanted him to sign the divorce papers and...

  • These emotions swirling around my brain
    Tears falling down my cheeks like rain...

  • Here I stand on the edge of life
    Nowhere to turn, noone to take away the knife...

  • I sit here thinking of the past
    All of the years just rushing by so fast...

Latest Quotes By A Fallen Angel

  • "Live for today because tomorrow may never arrive"

    15 years ago
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  • Living a life of sadness and despair is not a true life at all.

    16 years ago
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  • Life is like a roller coaster with it's many twists and turns and hills... but my rollercoaster is broken because I seem to have more downs than ups and more lefts than rights.

    16 years ago
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