Already Something More

by Painted on Smile   Dec 21, 2007

He has quickly become a good friend
but i can't help but wonder
if he is already more
more than i ever thought he would be
he makes me laugh; he makes me smile
he makes me wonder why i put off
getting to know him for that long long while
with the simplest words and no effort at all
he forces yet another smile upon my face
i want to see him, i want to know that this is true
i can't help but hope he is the guy i believe him to be
for my heart cannot take another pretender
another someone who acts one way but feels another
i have a feeling this is not pretend
for he is a guy i could talk to for hours on end
the guy with the huge smile
and the cheesy jokes that make me laugh 'til i cry
he is the guy who was before a good friend
but i cant help but wonder
if he is already something more


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  • 13 years ago

    by Kayla

    This poem was excellent, darling! I'm being serious, I fell in love with it! I can relate to it in so many ways.. I have felt like this before. You didn't lose me once and the choice of words was wonderful. Keep it up! 5/5 <3 <3 <3