A place in my dreams

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..   Dec 26, 2007

Without wings I flew
Up into the bluest skies
I left a cold world
Full of heartless lies

In every dream
I could escape
Be free in the moonlight
A place I was safe

My dreams a haven
A garden full of flowers
Glowing in the sun
And gentle showers

Fields of happiness
A place unknown
A place very much unlike
My own home

No longer do I fly
Never anymore
Every dream a nightmare
Leaving me sore

I walk down the path
That once led me to that place
I walk with desperation
Anxiety on my face

But when I get there
When I get to that door
The place I once knew
Is not there anymore

My dreams disturbed
No real reason why
My haven has vanished
I no longer can fly

My dreams were a place
In day I longed to be
Now the green fields
Have turned to blooded seas

This is true, no matter what the dream, I could always fly in it, and I did every time and the feeling was so amazing like it was real. I'd often look for this place in my dreams, it was always a different path where eventually I'd enter this world like heaven, it was beautiful I can't describe it
Then one day, I never dreamt of flying again
And after a long time in my dream I decided to find that place
And when I got there
It was destroyed and I've never looked for it in a dream again


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by Dark Secrets

    Wow... that must've been cool... I remember I used to dream of this nice place I used to love going to in my dreams... where everything was somehow alright... I felt safe there and happy... now I can't find that place anymore and even if I try I go to this other place... which is sooo weird... it's sorta like grey clouds and wierder more when I wake up from a dream like this I wake up either vomiting, with a headache or a cold!

  • 16 years ago

    by Vyla

    I have a place in my head that was shatted along time agc, i hope your dream still lives.


  • 16 years ago

    by lisabrighteyes

    This poem = great!!
    keep it up!

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