Goodbye Has Never Sounded So Sweet

by Void   Jan 2, 2008

I leave you now,
to save myself from your pungent goodbyes.
Your footsteps were never mine to follow anyway.
A smile is forced upon this tired face,
The real one, planted on the surface of your grace.
-And your memory planted where my heart once was.

I leave you now,
to save you from the drenching rain of spiteful clouds.
For now, my wishes are best spent on you.
You can cry if you have to,
but let it not be for pain
because my wish is for happiness to live in your name.
-And your name will forever echo behind my ears.

I leave you now,
to save us both from a dream inspired wreckoning.
I think we've been dancing to false melodies all along.
Perfection has always come with a cost,
but don't worry the debt has been paid.
Beneath the sorrow, the hurt and scar on my heart;
That I shall take as I leave you this way.
-And your soul will always find me.

I personally feel like I'm all over the place in structure - and I Do want to fix that. I may just need some inspiration from somewhere. You?


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