I Found The Safest Place To Keep All Our Old Mistakes

by aDORKable x3   Jan 10, 2008

The mistakes are scattered all over the floor -
They fell as you slammed out the door.
They feel like shards of sharpened glass,
As they cut my tries to make our relationship last.

You thought that you had found something better,
But the reality of it is, we're better together.
You've held my hand through all the years;
Been the tissue that dried my tears.

Through new life and death, you've been there for me -
Even when we were mad, I called you "Baby."
But you gave up on me, at the drop of the hat;
You left me alone, how do you justify that?

I guess the alcohol did all your talking -
I yelled for you, but you kept walking.
I knew you heard but you didn't care,
I always wondered if you'd ever be there.

You've cut me deep and you've bled me dry,
And all I want to do is sit here and cry.
But I just can't do this anymore,
You're not the boy I once yearned for.

You changed so much when I was replaced with burbon -
You've left me alone to deal with myself, hurting.
Each shot and each glass took you away,
Then I couldn't even understand what you'd say.

You slurred your words and changed your demeanor,
As your drinking got worse, you got meaner.
Your words stung more than any hand could,
That that you did, or even if you would.

But when you slammed the door, something changed,
It was as if something had been rearranged.
I no longer felt I held any ties to you;
It was then that I knew what I had to do.

I locked the good memory of you in my heart -
But freed the bad one and bade it depart.
Everything I had was everything you could take,
I Found The Safest Place To Keep All Our Old Mistakes


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