Just Feel My Love!!!

by Saravana Kumar S   Jan 26, 2008

Everything was just fine,like those stories written in the fairytale books,
there was nothing to worry as i lived happily in a world the way it looks,
every step was taken carelessly,as i did not have to think about tomorrow,
all that mattered to me was,i lived today happily without an ounce of sorrow.

All this changed on that rainy day,when thunders screamed across the skies,
lightening stuck terror in the hearts of people as it zipped past their eyes,
everything in this world was silenced,except for one voice that sang in joy,
while all took shelter,she played with the thunders and lightening like a toy.

I just would not help it,but admire the girl who had the world at her feet,
Like a hypnotized soul,I went behind as she endlessly danced on the street,
While it all seemed like a dream,she just literally brought me to my knees,
As she turned,i caught hold of her hand and asked "Could you love me please?"

Well,i knew i shouldn't have jumped into love-no wonder she slapped me hard,
that night i looked myself at the mirror and questioned "Hey!Am i that bad?",
Whatever it may be,she is the girl of my dreams and I'm not letting her go,
Someday she will love me and in every corner of her heart my love will show.

Thus the greatest quest of my life began,and i hoped it ends just as early,
as i walked through the garden,i bumped onto a girl with hairs so curly,
she was little angry i suppose,may be she has not forgotten that incident,
she kicked me pretty bad,and i lied there like a car wrecked in an accident.

With a never say die attitude,i pulled myself up and went hopping around,
all of a sudden i ran like a mad dog,as from behind i heard the girl's sound,
keeping myself away at a safe distance,i turned back slowly and saw my love,
yelling at me "You stupid,i will give you a direct pass to the heaven above".

Nothing in this world comes for free,we need to struggle,what do you say guys,
Someday she will feel my true love for sure before this beautiful soul dies,
So this quest will continue,no matter how badly i may get bruised at times,
i will still write her poems,whether she likes or dislikes my crazy rhymes.

There must be a chemistry between us,if not why would we meet in first place,
why would you come in front of eyes that night and made my heart beat to race,
everything in this world happens for a reason,so just look into my eyes,
there is a true love waiting at your door step,please wake up and realize.

You can hate my love,you can curse my love,you can keep it very far away,
no matter what you do to my love,you can always find it lying in your way,
You don't have to get really mad at me or blame the almighty sitting above,
I'll walk away silently,if only for a second you could "Just Feel My Love".

*****This is one crazy poem,right...Yeah,just wanted to kill my time...lol..******


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by bhaskaryya

    Could do well for a song! :)

  • 12 years ago

    by Jend

    I hev a lot of things to comment but this for sure, it is a great poem...it rhym or never, the feelings show! keep on writing..

  • 12 years ago

    by nandini

    Hey gud one kumar! liked it... esp the way u ended it!!!

  • 12 years ago

    by Meme

    Its so passionate and inspiring poem
    I really liked it so much
    keep it up 5/5