College Days!!!

by Saravana Kumar S   Oct 1, 2016

There i stood so confused,neither knowing what to do nor have a clue-
The world just seemed so strange and everything seemed so utterly blue.
All of my choices where taken away and suddenly i was left with none-
I left like i was being shot into a future through a long barreled gun.

Standing at the edge of the gates,i looked back to see all the places,
which once welcomed me with open arms and made me to meet many new faces.
Faces which in time became my best friends and life seemed so complete-
We fought,we won,we lost but we still remained best friends to compete.

The future didn't scare us nor the past,for our present was so pleasant,
There would always be a helping hand to say don't you ever never repent.
Their love so unconditional,like a cloud always hovering over your head,
You can't find what life teaches here,no matter in which books you read.

Its such a tear jerking feeling to realize we've come to end of it all,
And we would be stepping into a new world when tomorrow's dawn fall.
Destiny has sketched different maps and we would depart in different ways,
But deep within our hearts,we will always be re-union-ed through our-'College Days...'


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    College days are special for they take us through the many
    stages of life along with its emotions and it is always the one place
    we will keep going back to visit...

  • 3 years ago

    by I am

    Even i can't forget my school and collage days.
    always in my happiness.

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