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Hey my name's Rikki. I love writing poetry, but generally I'm in a foul mood when I do... I'm just looking for someone who will help me write poems because I'm happy, not broken-hearted...

P.S. Most of my poems that tell stories, in fact probably all of them, are very very true. And most of them are about me.

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  • Age : 17
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Latest Poems By Rikki

  • It's so cold
    So cold, without you...

  • A dark walk down a hidden path
    Groping, groping through nothingness...

  • If love is the meaning of all things, as it is...
    What happens when you feel your heart is dead...

  • I hate to say it, those heinous words;
    They are too dreadful to otherwise be heard...

  • Do you remember that night so long ago?
    We were fighting again, you hadn't come to my...

Latest Quotes By Rikki

  • The ugliness of my soul is reflected in the beauty of your eyes

    17 years ago
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  • Only when My heart stops beating, will my pain stop repeating

    17 years ago
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