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Thinkin' bout leaving this comment while ya can. ~A little about me: I absolutly LOVE stars. Me and one of my friends are havin’ problems so that is what most of my poems are about. Other than that they are about past experiences, current feelings, or just plain old good ideas. I love the outdoors. My favorite season is summer and i love to go to the beach and swim! My favorite time of day is dusk and dawn because of the colors of the sky (i like to see the 1st stars of the night). I love to read/write poems! I have been writng poems and stories as long as i can remember. Please vote and comment! I'll definately return the favor. Thanks. Love YA.!!!!

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  • My head is pounding,
    Thump, thump, thump...

  • Once great friends,
    But all that came...

  • I’m so nervous and scared
    I feel like I’m gonna bust...

  • I open up my drawer (the one I look at...
    I take it out and gently touch it to my wrist. I...

  • Whispers of the grass rustling in the wind.
    Ripples of the stream...

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  • True crushes are the ones you don't want to admit to your parents, although they already know the truth.

    16 years ago
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  • Friends, sometimes you can't live with them. Although you can never live with out them.

    16 years ago
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  • New here...that is obvious. everything is kinda new to me (duh!). well, i will submit poems in the next few days.

    16 years ago
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