[I Don`t Write Much Anymore. But When I Do I Would Appreciate Comments And Votes. Thanks To Everyone Who Does.
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  • One day he might realize
    What I feel for him...

  • They say they’ll be there forever
    Best friends never lie...

  • When times get really bad
    I know theyâ??ll always be there...

  • Built up emotion bursting out from inside,
    Killing me slowly, trying to hide...

  • He said I was the only thing keeping him going...
    Said he longs to see my gorgeous smile, but he...

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  • In every girls life, there is a boy, that, no matter how hard she tries, always keeps coming back into her mind

    15 years ago
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  • The glass is neither half full, or half empty, the glass is just simply to big for what's in it!

    16 years ago
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  • You never know what you have, and how great it is, until you don't have it anymore!!

    16 years ago
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