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Well...I love music and lyrics and poems and drawing.I write to pass time and to make me feel better.
I'm happy that i was shown this site by a friend. I love that people can see my work and comment in iit.Thanx Guys..Much love..xox

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  • Age : 14
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : Canada
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Latest Poems By Stash [Broken]

  • All the fake smiles
    and all too much pain...

  • I never thought you'd leave again
    but once again i'm wrong...

  • At Home she cries,
    She's had enough...

  • You acted like you cared,
    You were almost never there...

  • I lie awake on this long dark night
    And I can't seem to tame my mind...

Latest Quotes By Stash [Broken]

  • It's 12 o'clock
    i'm up again
    too tried to even sleep
    and too sad to even cry

    14 years ago
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  • I'm a lie, so i smile,i need to hide the pain,i'm a fake,so i lie,to cover up the mess

    14 years ago
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  • I take the gun,pull the trigger,hope you liked it, i did it for you

    14 years ago
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