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MY name is Corrie, I am 20 years old and I live in central california.
I am married to the man of my dreams. And together we have a beautiful little boy, Trevor who is 4 months old.
I love poetry.
When I write, it comes from my heart. Its a way for me to express my deepest feelings, and thoughts, and emotions... Ive never had any training or taken any classes or anything on how to write poetry. And I dont want to. I know my writing isnt perfect and that okay with me, I'm an imperfect person living in an imperfect world.
I love to dance, and sing and have a good time.
I love to read romance novels.
I love watching my little boy grow up.
I love watching the Gilmore Girls.
I love the rain, the smell after the rain, shoes, shopping, earings, lip gloss, and coffee.
And last but not least I love my Jesus. Hes my best friend, and He loves me unconditionally.
Thats all for now folks! = )

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Latest Quotes By Corrie

  • I found what I was longing for.
    And now I’m living for so much more.
    You give me the love I’ve needed for so long.
    You believe in me, and that alone makes me strong.

    12 years ago
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  • Confussion will blur a persons vision.

    14 years ago
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  • In everything you do, remember that your only performing for an audience of one.

    14 years ago
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