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I mainly write about abuse and suicide. I usually write when I'm upset or depressed. I am an abuse victim...I've been abused by over 20 different people since I was 2, both guys and girls, all around my age. I just write what I feel.

I know I haven't written in a long time. Seeing as I'm a high school senior as well as a freshman in college (I have 21 credits), and I'm working and volunteering, I am extremely busy. I plan on writing again soon. So hopefully to those of you who have enjoyed my previous works (pili for example) I should be starting again soon.

For those who wish to write "good" poetry, I can only suggest one thing...write from your heart. Don't try to make it rhyme perfectly, don't try and make it be just like Poe, or fit in the scheme your teacher in school taught...just let it come from your heart. The best poetry is the kind that is something you can relate to, is the kind that you truly feel is YOU. Whether that means it's dark and morbid (like most of mine), or happy and light, whether it's about a walk down a quiet, country dirt road or about the sound of a million people at a rock concert....whatever moves you to put that pen to paper....THAT is what you need to write about.

And I will be glad to comment on your work or rate you if you would like me to. All you need to do is ask. And for anyone that needs, I'm here to talk. You can either e-mail me, or if you have a myspace account you can find me on myspace.com/cosmicelf

Take care and I hope to read your work!

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  • No matter what people say, you are a wonderful person. It doesn't matter what you've done or what you look like, everyone deserves to be treated like a human being.

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  • Always follow your heart and do what you know is right. Don't listen to what everyone else says, because chances are they're wrong. Follow your heart; your dreams. They'll never lead you astray.

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