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♥hey everyone!
my name is angie im tweleve years old
(yes im really 12)
I love writting poems and stories. Although i do also enjoy my other talents such as singing,acting,modeling and playing sports.
And i do enjoy reading a lot.
though i an blessed with all these talents the one talent that i am blessed to have is to write.
♥~your friend,

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  • Age : 12
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  • Country : USA, Nevada
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Latest Poems By angie A

  • When i talk to you,
    How does my voice sound in your ear...

  • I wrote a book about you,
    though you never read it...

  • Why can't I be,
    Touched tenderly...

  • I want you to kiss me,
    and say you'll never leave...

  • Paint a perfect picture so vivid,
    with each one of my velvet kiss...

Latest Quotes By angie A

  • A broken heart leads to love
    and love leads to a broken heart we lose eaither way

    14 years ago
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  • It's better not to know than to know
    it's less painful that way

    14 years ago
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  • It's not love it's just who you love.

    14 years ago
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