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Hello. I'm a University Student. Psychology. I work part-time. I love to write and dance. I have many up's and down's. Most of my stuff is crafted during my down times. I'm real. You make me laugh and I'll love you forever. Music is a huge passion. There are many things in this world I wish I could change. I want to travel anywhere and everywhere before I die. My mind consumes me. I like to meet new people. I heart talking and being random. :) Au Revoir.


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"A Tear Falls Forever Inside A Broken Heart"

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  • The [truth] is
    every girl has a dream
    mine is to [wake] up
    to rocks being thrown
    at my bedroom [window]
    only to [see] the boy [I] love
    standing in the rain.

    15 years ago
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  • It takes a -:-minute-:-to have a {CrUsH}
    it takes an -:-hour-:-to {LiKe} someone
    it takes a -:-day-:-
    to {LoVe} someone
    but it takes a -:-lifetime-:-
    to {FoRgEt} someone

    --By Unkown.

    15 years ago
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  • Somedays, I Put My [Headphones] On
    Turn The Volume All The Way Up
    And [I] Go Outside In The Pouring Rain
    I Stand By That Tree Where We First Kissed
    && I Wonder If [You're] Out There
    Listening To [Our] Song xxx

    15 years ago
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