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ay wut it iz this ya gurl reality i tell the truth bout everything love hate friendship family depression anything i feel and i will tell u like it iz so thats y they call me reaity cause everything i say is....reaity. i am real easy to get along wit but if u aint got nothin nice to say i suggest u should'nt say it cause i will hurt ya feelins well got any qusetions holla

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  • Looking at her stomach as it grows
    She thinks her stomach knows...

  • We die young,cause we live to fast so imma let you...
    i know its not a poem but its just how i feel i...

  • I love you more than life itself
    my love for you is a great wealth...

  • A union is made today as we commit to one another
    with just a few words we express our love to each...

  • I was searching for a happiness
    The kind to set me free...

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  • Life...Life is like a rollercoaster filled with adventure. twist, turns, ups,down, even loops but the thing we wanna kno most is when will it end

    13 years ago
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