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im 18 now.
i still feel as immature as i did at 8, only taller.

i like the sun for photographic purposes, and warmth and it makes me smile. i like darkness and stars just cause i can.

i hate open spaces, i suffer paranoia and always fear that which could be lurking somewhere behind me. i hate concepts and presumptions.

i dont believe in god, however i have morals (shock! horror!).

i am pretty much contradictory, i love things and i hate them both at the same time. i sit on the fence, yet can always provide sound reasoning for doing so.

i like to explain myself this way ( =

i also obviously like writing, its fair good.
i like reading.
i like commenting when i have read something so beautifully written it makes time both stop and fly by within the same time slot.

if you happen to read my poems, please comment!! criticism is just as appreciated as the good stuff!

dw, i comment so you will deff get a comment back if you dont have one already (=

feel free to email, send msgs etc.
i like meeting new people and sometimes find talking to strangers over the net a lot easier than confiding in friends i have known for years. i love them all... but thats how i am.


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