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Hi everyone! I love writing poems! it really helps get out my emotions! I LOVE this site everyone on here is so talented...some of the most amazing writers i have seen are eternitySOlong, LIla, Bertha, ♥TiNyDaNcEr46♥, Mona, Avellana, Tainted Mikochan, ADEL, Allison and BeautifulDisaster! they're poems are great! hope you like my poems!

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : USA, Florida
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Latest Poems By Emma

  • Me, myself, and I.
    Too commitment shy...

  • I didn't used to have a sweet tooth
    Content with carrots and red meat...

  • Time (1)

    The hours pass by like nothing,
    Each one passes without a change...

  • The pen is nervous as it shakes in my hand,
    waiting for this mental block to expand...

  • Crimson tears escape my eyes,
    Cannot believe I fell for your lies...

Latest Quotes By Emma

  • The reason she smiles is so you don't go looking for her scars.

    15 years ago
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  • I fear if I force one more smile this mask will crack and everyone will finally see the real me.

    15 years ago
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  • Her heart tells a story, her smile tells a lie.

    15 years ago
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